Why You Need Regular Cleanings

Reno Dental Care Includes Regular Cleanings

Visit Your Reno Dentist For a Cleaning

Hello Northern Nevadans! When’s the last time you went to your Reno NV dentist? If you’ve gone recently, then keep it up! You’ll need to have a conversation with your teeth if you haven’t been in last year. Learn more about why you need regular cleanings!

Now, Reno NV dentist visits have a special, cringe-worthy place in all our hearts it seems. However, the benefits of getting in for routine check-ups are undeniable. These checkups help in terms of preventative care and early treatment for any problem areas that may be present. It may seem like all your dentist does is make your mouth numb, and sore, and numb again. However, it’s important to remember how much is going on in your mouth, and how necessary a professional cleaning is.

Routine brushing and flossing are a great way to maintain a good baseline for your oral health, but have you ever really looked inside your own mouth? If so, did you have even the slightest idea what you were looking at? From standard oral cleaning to oral cancer exams, your Reno NV dentist can help you maintain a healthy mouth.

Not only can your dentist take care of your oral health needs, but they can help you out with your cosmetic concerns, too. Orthodontia provides an avenue for you to restore or replace your smile. Often done using braces to help move your teeth back to alignment. Jaw realignment surgery is another way orthodontia can help you improve your appearance and quality of life.

While many of us have a general understanding of how to take care of our teeth—brush, floss, stay away from high-sugar foods—we often make mistakes and develop bad habits over time; often, to save time. By visiting your Reno NV dentist on a regular basis, you can get the refresher courses you need to keep your smile in good shape for years to come. Providing oral health education to patients is one of the most important jobs your dentist has. There’s truly no better person to learn from when the health and care of your mouth is concerned.