About Dr. Kulesa, Reno DDS

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Dr. Kulesa is a Reno dentist whose humble journey actually began in San Jose, California. Born and raised in the Northern California area, he completed his undergraduate degree at the University of California, Davis in 1987. He continued on to graduate from the University of Washington School of Dentistry in 1991. After running a successful practice in the Seattle area for 15 years, Kulesa relocated to Reno, NV in 2006 to begin his current practice as a family dentist. Dr. K dental provides affordable yet high quality care.

Who We Are

Dentist Dr. Kulesa is also a member of the American Dental Association, the Nevada Dental Association, and the Northern Nevada Dental Society. He continues to receive advanced training from the Pankey Institute and the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry, two of the most prestigious centers for advanced learning in the country.

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Our Reno family dental office provides a variety of services and treatments, including regular treatments and exams. We want to help the community and expand our reach as far as possible. In doing so, we offer senior discounts and accept most insurance plans. The Care Credit and LendingUSA programs allow treatments to be more accessible, as well as other financing options. Here at Smiles by Dr. K, we strongly emphasize that a great smile is the foundation for a great life.

reno nv dentist

Base procedures at the Smiles by Dr. K dental office include:

dental cleanings, reno nv dentist

Routine Cleanings

crowns and bridges, reno nv dentist

Crowns & Bridges

root canals and extractions

Root Canals & Extractions

dentures and implants

Dentures & Implants

We also offer orthodontic services using the Reno Invisalign treatment. Give us a call to book your next dental appointment with Dr. Kulesa’s team in Reno.

Conveniently Located in South Reno

Our Reno dentist office is located two blocks west of the Atlantis casino, with plenty of convenient parking. We are open Monday through Thursdays with appointments available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Some Friday appointments are available as well. Give us all call to set up your next appointment with Dr. Kulesa.