What is Periodontal Therapy?

What is Periodontal Therapy?

As we go through various stages of life, there is a possibility that you will lose teeth if they’re not properly taken care of. For this reason, it is important to maintain an oral hygiene routine and gel cleanings every 4-6 months. While we are taught to brush our teeth 2-3 times a day, what people often neglect is flossing. This is where disease can begin to form in your gums and supporting bone structures. When you go in for your regular cleanings, your dentist will look for signs of decay and disease. Depending on the state of your gums and bone structure, it may be suggested that you partake in periodontal therapy.

Periodontal therapy aims to nurse diseased gums and bone tissue back to health. There are a variety of periodontal therapy practices to choose from depending on your specific case. Some of these practices are minor and can be done in the comfort of your own home, and some require a procedure.

Types of Procedures

Regenerative Procedures

A regenerative procedure involves folding back your gum tissue and removing built-up plaque, tartar and bacteria. To help promote the stimulation and strengthening of bone and surrounding tissue, they will often use filters and proteins. By allowing a Reno NV dentist to remove the plaque and bacteria from your gums and maintaining a proper dental routine, you can prevent further periodontal issues.

Periodontal Laser Treatments

The main purpose of periodontal laser treatment is to reduce inflammation of the gums. The light from the laser helps to seal off nerves and vessels in the gum tissue, which will ultimately result in less bleeding and less pain.  The laser also helps kill the bacteria that is in the pocket, which will help improve healing; allowing infected tissues to heal faster. There are many benefits that come with getting laser treatments, including:

  • Little to no recovery time
  • Low risk of infection
  • Reduced damage to surrounding bone tissue

Pocket Reduction Treatments

As we’ve mentioned, periodontal disease affects the gums and surrounding tissue. When not treated properly, the tissue and bone surrounding your tooth slowly start to deteriorate and form what looks like a pocket around the tooth. These pockets are filled with bacteria and plaque. A procedure is required to correct this. During this procedure, the gums are folded back and the bacteria that is built up in the gum tissue is removed. Once all of the bacteria is removed, they will suture up your gums. It is important to maintain a good hygiene routine after the procedure to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

How to Treat Dental Plaque

As we have discussed, plaque is the leading cause of gum disease.  You have to make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to treat and get rid of plaque and tartar. First, make sure that you are brushing your teeth correctly and really getting in those cracks and crevices for the best clean. On top of brushing, the next step is to floss, floss, floss.  When flossing, it is recommended that you loop the floss around your thumb and index finger; and working the floss in between the teeth and up into the gums with light pressure. Following these simple steps will help keep your teeth healthy and shining!

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