How to Care for a Cracked Tooth, reno nv dentistThere are a number of ways in which you can crack your teeth. Whether it happens while you are playing your favorite sport, or you are just prone to grinding or clenching your teeth, Dr. Kulesa has the proper tools to help you repair or replace your cracked tooth. You can also call our Reno NV dentist office to find out tips on here to care for a cracked tooth prior to your visit.


This is the tricky bit when someone cracks a tooth, it can go unnoticed. There are, however, a few symptoms that one might experience if they have cracked or chipped a tooth. These symptoms include:

  • Pain when you bite down or chew your food.
  • Pain when your tooth or teeth are exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  • Pain that comes and goes throughout the day.
  • You notice an infection surrounding the tooth and the gums.

Types of Cracks

Cracked Tooth

When you crack your tooth, the crack will start on the surface and move all the way up to the root. To prevent your cracked tooth from worsening, you must get it taken care of as soon as you notice the crack. If the crack goes into the pulp of your tooth, the result and treatment is less severe. You will need to get a root canal or a crown to ensure that the crack doesn’t spread. However, if the crack reaches your gums, the tooth will need to be removed.

Split Tooth

A split tooth occurs when there is a complete fracture in the tooth that starts at the crown, moves its way underneath the gums and into the root. Most cases of a split tooth occur when the patients already have a cracked tooth. Usually, the solution for fixing a split tooth is to remove and replace it. There are some cases in which the split only goes through one, single root and the tooth can be salvaged by removing that root.

Craze Lines

Every person has craze lines, some are just more prominent than others. A craze line is a micro-fracture in the enamel of the tooth. The main cause of craze lines is tooth trauma, which includes grinding your teeth, biting your fingernails, excessively chewing gum, etc.

Fractured Cusp

A fractured cusp can be either a complete or partial fracture of the crown that extends up through the gums and into the root of the tooth. When it comes to treating a fractured cusp, you can usually place a filling or a crown over the tooth to protect it from further damage.


There are a few things you can do to prevent cracking or chipping your teeth. For starters, you will want to avoid chewing on hard foods, such as ice cubes, hard candies, or popcorn kernels. If you tend to grind your teeth while you sleep, it is recommended that you start wearing a mouthguard. Lastly, you’ll want to maintain a healthy dental routine. Brush your teeth twice a day, make sure you are flossing, and get your teeth cleaned and regularly to ensure that your teeth are strong and healthy.

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