Have you been putting off going to see your Reno dentist? Dental care is expensive; there’s no denying that. And it’s easily one of the main reasons Americans avoid scheduling regular appointments. However, your oral hygiene is important and part of ensuring your mouth and teeth are healthy involves routine visits to your dentist. With low-cost dental care in Reno, NV, you can keep up with your dental health with little to no worry about how you’re going to afford it. 

Affordable Dental Care

Is Low-Cost Dental Care Available in Reno?

You may be wondering if affordable dental care is even available in Reno and the answer is absolutely it is! Dental expenses account for a significant amount of medical debt faced by Americans with out-of-pocket expenses resulting in a majority of said debt. The financial stress that patients with severe dental problems are feeling can be overwhelming and expenditures are predicted to continue increasing. 

Fortunately, some dental practices, such as Dr. Kulesa’s office, are conscious of their patients’ ability to access affordable dental care and are eager to provide solutions. 

How can your dentist provide low-cost dental care?

Simply providing patients with various options for payment can help make visiting the dentist more affordable for many people. Some Reno dental offices such as Dr. K’s accept most major dental plans as well as payment plans like CareCredit and LendingUSA. Ensuring coverage under existing dental plans can alleviate a significant amount of your out-of-pocket costs and paying monthly payments is often much more manageable for our patients. Here are some other ways your dentist offers low-cost dental care:

Provide preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry, also called preventative dentistry, serves to prevent serious dental problems from developing. The best way to reduce the cost of dental care is through prevention, so focusing on proper brushing, flossing, and other oral hygiene practices will keep you from spending additional time in the dentist’s office.

Complete treatment in phases 

The more extensive the dental treatment is the more expensive it will be to complete. Splitting up the treatments into multiple phases will make this kind of dental care much more affordable as it gives patients time in between appointments to gather the necessary funds. 

Be a valuable resource

Sometimes the best resource we can provide to our patients is being a good source of information. Things like insurance plans, dental costs, and access to financial help aren’t typically available or well-defined which can lead to dental stress and fear. An affordable dentist that also provides helpful resources to improve and maintain your dental health may be the most valuable thing they can do for you. 

Low-Cost Dental Care in Reno 

At Dr. Kulesa’s office, we offer a variety of financing options to ensure that our treatments are accessible and affordable dental care. Keeping up with your dental care ensures that your teeth and gums stay healthy. Even with this knowledge, we understand that making financial decisions about your health can feel like a scary process. That’s why our Reno, NV dental offices are here to make it simpler. Take a minute to explore our financing options.

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