There’s nothing worse than a toothache, especially while enjoying some of the best foods that summer has to offer. A toothache is the first sign you might need a tooth filling, but other issues like sensitivity to temperatures, pressure, or sweet foods are other clues. Without treatment, the decay will grow to destroy your tooth and the sensitive nerves.

Our gums also recede as we age, so the roots for our teeth are easily exposed.  We don’t have enamel in those areas so they are very sensitive. At our dental practice, Dr. Kulesa sees a lot of patients with these issues. Here’s why they happen and how you can prevent them:

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What Causes Tooth Pain and What Parts Of A Tooth Can Crack?

Cavities are the top reason to need a tooth filling, but fractures in teeth are a close second. They’re the result of too much pressure from grinding your jaw or bruxism. Alternatively, fractures happen from traumatic injuries ranging from biting down on popcorn kernels to a serious sport injury. It happens most often on upper front teeth and those near the back of the lower jaw.

Fillings are an important part of your dental care routine because they’ll cover up those unsightly small holes caused by tooth decay. With tooth colored filling material, dentists will make your teeth look their best.

How Long Does a Dental Filling Last? 

The average lifespan of a metal filling lasts about 15 years before it needs to be replaced, but this varies if you frequently grind your teeth or clench them. As for white composite fillings, these will stay for about 7-10 years with good condition in a healthy patient.

If we find dental decay early enough, fluoride varnish will be applied to prevent future deterioration and last longer.

how long does a dental filling last

Our quick tips on how to prevent decay include brushing and flossing twice a day, limiting carbohydrates in your diet, and avoiding very hot or cold drinks as they cause micro-cracks in enamel.

What Are The Benefits Of a Filling?

As for the benefits, fillings help with greater tooth function, structure and stability, all while providing protection and for the tooth and surrounding ones. Another added bonus is that teeth fillings are highly resistant towards corrosion. This all contributes to the feeling of confidence with your smile and how you talk to others!

how long does filling last

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